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Outdoor play fosters new opportunities to develop motor skills, creativity and imagination.

Since Vita Play started in 2002 we have listened to the feedback from children on what they want. Over the years we have taken this feedback and refined our formula. We create fun and imaginative play areas designed to get the best out of children.  


Our Range of Play Equipment

Our Range of Play Equipment


Vita Play have over 20 years experience working with schools.

Over the years we have developed our process, making sure our play areas get the best out of children.  We have 3 aims when designing any play area.


Empowering Children


Inclusive by Design


Encourage Positive Risk Taking

Outdoor play fosters new opportunities to develop creativity, cultivate imagination and expand attention, all whilst making lifelong friendships.  

Our playgrounds are designed with inclusivity in mind. SEN children can often face inequity. Vita Play works to ensure inclusive design.

 Pushing boundaries is an essential part of development. Our play equipment subtly encourages risk taking in a safe, regulation  environment.

Playground Swing

 Local Authorities 

Vita Play create fun and inclusive play areas.

To make this happen safety has to be of the upmost importance. Our team of RPII play ground inspectors are with of us every step of the way during our design process making sure each play area conforms to all BS EN 1176/7 standards.


Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your playgrounds running all year around with any of our repair and maintenance packages.

Safety Inspections

Have one of our RPII registered safety inspectors make sure your play area is safe and up to code.

Young Worker

Alison Ward - Arborfield Parish Clerk

"Working with Vita Play has been a dream from beginning to end.